About the Project

Print Journal

A new electronic periodical Journal “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section” (HIAS.RS) continues traditions of the printing issues under the same title “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section (Registration Certificate for mass media PI #FS77-19971 of 29.04.2005). It is issued twice a year beginning from 2006. The printing Journal publishes basic theoretical and resumptive scientific and science-applied articles on actual problems of modern biology and medicine, ecology, education, physic-technical, social, public sciences describing the contribution of Russian scientists to world science.

All issues of the Journal and the possibility of using full texts of the articles are available in archives on the web-site.

“Herald of the International Academy of Science. Russian Section”

The journal publishes materials according to the direction of work of the departments of the Russian Section of the International Academy of Science (Health&Ecology).

At present there are four departments in the Academy: medico-biological sciences; ecology; physico-technical (precise) sciences and social sciences. Accordingly publications despite the interdisciplinary character of some articles are grouped in conformity with the headings:

  • Medical-biological Sciences, Sciences about humans, Sciences about the Earth, Problems of ecology, education, ecological culture;
  • Physical-technical Sciences, Chemical Sciences;
  • Humanitarian Sciences;
  • History of Science, Science of Science;
  • Chronicles, information (including materials about the activities of IAS and its national branches, about held and planning scientific events, book reviews, reports about symposia, conferences, applied projects).


Network electronic scientific Journal

At the same time the present Network electronic scientific Journal is an original internet project the main objective of which is further development of scientific idea of human phenomenon in the surrounding world, ecological chart of the universe, comprehension of new values able to provide reconcilable development, nature co-evolution and present-day society (Registration certificate EL #FS77-42316, October 13, 2010). Network electronic scientific Journal will light up the results of up-to-date interdisciplinary investigations in different fields of science as well as fundamental and applied character.

The editorial board of the Journal is aimed at active recruiting to collaboration known authors – members of International Academy of science as well as talented young scientists from different Russian regions, CIS, foreign countries.

Besides regular electronic issues the authors of the Project are intended to acquaint the readers with real news and announcements of the events held under the aegis of IAS (Health&Ecology) and contact information about colleagues of different institutions and organizations under the aegis of IAS, scientific-research institutes, institutes of higher education, social academies, other organizations and information about going on competitions of international and Russian scientific projects, awards and prizes in the field of science about humans, education and public health.

All interested are welcome to cooperation.