The rules and instructions for the articles submission and design for Journal “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences.Russian Section”

The rules of reviewing manuscripts

  1. The author submits a vidimus of the decision of the department (organization, scientific unit) where the work was done, recommending the article for publication in the Electronic Journal. The vidimus should be signed by the head of the organization or deputy chief with a stamp and signature of the head of personnel department.
  2. The author submits a registered and signed reference of a specialist with recommendation for publication in the Journal. Copies of these documents should be sent scanned by Email beforehand.
  3. The received article will be reviewed by expert of the Electronic Journal editorial board in the form of an expert questionnaire. Expertise is confidential, the review-expert questionnaire, will be presented to the author on the written request without reviewer’s requisites.
  4. The final decision to accept and publish the article in the Journal is made at the meeting of the Editorial Board of the Journal.
  5. Editorial Board informs the author of the presented manuscript on the request. The author of the rejected manuscript will get a motivated refusal on the request. Manuscripts from postgraduate students are accepted without any payment.

Requirements for the authors

  1. The article should contain no more than 40 thousand symbols (including intervals and punctuation marks) in Microsoft Word format.
  2. Dimensions: 14 pointtype (Kegl), interval - 1,5, margin: on top and at the left -2,5, at the right and below – 2 cm.
  3. The manuscript should be started with: title, authors, place of employment, annotation (no more than 800 symbols) and key words all in Russian and English.
  4. After the text of the author the information about the author should be given: first and last name in full, scientific degrees and academic status, position, place of work, telephones (home, office, city-codes, E-mail (obligatory).
  5. All references in the text should be given in brackets: (author, year). For instance: “As N.A Shuysky writes in his work (Shuysky N.A.,2008)…”. After the main text a list of cited literature in alphabetic order should follow (first the literature in Russian then the literature in other languages but only the literature quoted by the author in that article). For example:


    1. Bogolepov N.N. On plasticity of synapses of cortex cerebri //Brain, basic and clinic aspects. M.: Medicina, 2003: 106-116
    2. Ecology-oriented outlook of individuality – M.: RUDN, 2008. 442p.
    3. Chuvirov G.N., Markova T.P. Antivirus therapy in treatment of flu//Russian medical journal. 2004. 12; 21 (221): 1216-1218.

    If articles of the same author issued in one year are cited, letter indexes (a, b, c, etc) are used. For instance: 2006a, 2006b.

  6. All notes envisaged to the text goes after the main text before the list of references.
  7. Schemes, figures and tables (max – 4 in each article) should be numbered and entitled.

Foreign authors submit their articles in English with resume in Russian. Articles are accepted on the following e-mails:,, In a theme of the letter please note “Article for the Journal “Herald of the International Academy of Science. Russian Section”.