Theoretical Basics of New Medical Technologies

Khadartsev A. A.

Tula State University, Tula


The author considers the advantages of close integration of theoretical investigations and clinical experience that essentially increases the effect of restoration technologies in practice of preventive and clinical medicine. It was shown that the creation of modern medical diagnostic and rehabilitation technologies is possible only by engaging in experts of different adjacent fields of scientific knowledge - mathematics, chemistry, physics and others. The paper presents the results of application of new technologies of spectrophotometric flowmetric diagnostics of intensity of oxidative processes in tissues, directive increase of organism\'s adaptation potential on the bases of special complexes of syntoxic factors with evaluation of their effectiveness with the help of original coefficient of activity of syntoxic adaptation programs.

Language: russian



Khadartsev A. A.
Theoretical Basics of New Medical Technologies // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2006. Issue #1: 22—