Thermodynamics of Biological Matter Circulation

Gladyshev G. P.

Sechenov Institute of chemical physics, RAS, Moscow


The law of temporal hierarchies makes it possible to identify quasiclosed monohierarchical systems in open polyhierarchical biological systems. It is possible to use the approaches of hierarchical quasiequilibrium thermodynamics to establish the direction of ontogenesis and evolutionary processes. The law of temporal hierarchies helps to substantiate the idea that an overwhelming majority of supramolecular and other processes (at least structureforming ones) in biological world take place in quasiclosed systems under regimen close to the state of equilibrium. Hence the conclusion that the relevant in vivo and in vitro processes can with equal justice be studied in terms of chemical, supramolecular, and generally speaking, hierarchical thermodynamics. The thermodynamic theory of origin, evolution and development of living systems and the thermodynamic theory of biological matter circulation boost the ideas of G. Galileo, J. K. Maxwell, Ch. Darwin and other clas sics, based on belief that there exist universal natural laws operating at all hierarchical levels of matter. The author considers that the statements of article are connected with the cogency of equilibrium (quasiequilibrium) thermodynamics, which is based on the method of full differentials.

Language: russian



Gladyshev G. P.
Thermodynamics of Biological Matter Circulation // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2006. Issue #1: 32—