Philosophy of time in medicine

Lisin A. V., Platonenko V. I.

«VNIIMI» scientific and innovative houlding, Moscow


The paper (that is under publication) presents the annotation of a thorough research on the problem «Time in medicine». Ethics is a coherent field of scientific and philosophical vision of the above mentioned problem. Conducting a research there has been tested the use of a hypothetic-deductive method and mathematical modelling which reveal structural peculiarities of an actual part of the metabolic space of time-polymer. Thereupon authors formulate an original conception of a pathological reduction time appearance and also determine the degree of the free choice of physicians\' actions. Authors conclude that an alternative is a quantum of action to which a virtual scale of ethical time is divisible — the time of waiting/rendering aid.

Language: russian



Lisin A. V., Platonenko V. I.
Philosophy of time in medicine // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2006. Issue #1: 38—