Humanitarian Knowledge: Thesaurus Approach

Lukov Val. A., Lukov Vlad. A.

Institute of humanitorian studies, Moscow university of humanities, Moscow


The article is a basic introduction to theoretical aspects of the «thesaurus approach» and some of the results of its application to different fields of humanitarian knowledge. The «thesaurus approach» is quite a new comprehensive tool for the theory and the history of philosophical, cultural, literary, linguistic and sociological studies. It might be helpful instrument in making of generalisations that underline the understanding of subjective perception of wide World that surrounds us. The article also gives a new definition of the term «thesaurus» as a basic construction that allows to become conversant with everyday reality. Therefore, it acts as some kind of basis for subjective cultural background of personal corpus of knowledge that reflects division into «its own» and «alien» in culture, education, science, etc.

Language: russian



Lukov Val. A., Lukov Vlad. A.
Humanitarian Knowledge: Thesaurus Approach // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2006. Issue #1: 69—