Shakespeare\'s Thesaurus of Pushkin\'s Creative Evolution

Zakharov N. A.

Institute of humanitorian studies, Moscow university of humanities, Moscow


The article is concerned with the problem of Pushkin\'s creative evolution under the influence of Shakespeare\'s genius. The center focus of the article is Pushkin\'s creative development, his spiritual, philosophical and artistic growth during the years of his Shakespearian studies, namely, from early 1820s up to his death in 1837. The essence of the problem can be summarised as follows: the dialogue between Pushkin and Shakespeare is a significant part of the history of Russian literature and philological studies. This article attempts to examine the presence of Shakespeare in Pushkin\'s creative works by applying «thesaurus approach».

Language: russian



Zakharov N. A.
Shakespeare\'s Thesaurus of Pushkin\'s Creative Evolution // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2006. Issue #1: 75—