Globalization and Russian Humanitarian Sciences

Tyulin I. G.

Moscow state University of international relations, Moscow


The interest of humanities in Russia to the problem of globalization can be traced back to the 70-s and is related on the one hand to the Marxist universalistic tradition and on the other hand to the impact of the Roman Club ideas. However the tackling of global problems by native scholars was proceeding at a slow rate and was haltering repeatedly. A new wave of interest to globalization emerged in the late 90-s which resulted in a significant numerical growth of related research papers. The approaches to defining globalization, its sources and effects were various, and similarly varied the issues of its impact on the development of our country. Besides, certain positions tend to look politically biased. This trend has been progressing of late. Making strategic global decisions to accommodate the national interests of Russia requires from Russia\'s scholars of humanities to conduct research free of ideological clich\'s and political engagements.

Language: russian



Tyulin I. G.
Globalization and Russian Humanitarian Sciences // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2006. Issue #2: 65—69