The Cult Of Shakespeare As A Scientific Problem

Lukov Vlad. A.

Institute of Humanitarian Studies, Moscow University for the Humanities, Moscow


The article is an introduction to study on the cult of Shakespeare as a theoretical problem of philology and culturology. «The Cult of Shakespeare» is interpreted as a «philological concept», as a scientific term for the constant of the European cultural thesauruses. It is separated from the terms «shakespearology» and «Shakespearian question» that are connected with two independent fields of philological knowledge and caused by this cult. But these terms represent a new period when the Europeans turned from the admiration of Shakespeare to the profound study on his creative works and life. This article attempts to link «The Cult of Shakespeare» with the terms «shakesperization» and «shakespearism».

Language: russian



Lukov Vlad. A.
The Cult Of Shakespeare As A Scientific Problem // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2006. Issue #2: 70—72