The Problem of the Text Cognition: Research Methodology

Sulimov V. A.

Komy State pedagogical institute, Syktyvkar


Literary texts can be introduced not only in the aestethic sense (as a sistem of associative figurativeness), not only in the logicalandconceptual sense (as a system of multiple level narration), but also in the linguistic and cognitive sense (as a sistem of cognitive transformations). Linguistic and cognitive approach closes in possible analysis of cultural transmission linguistic mechanisms. Some mechanisms posses significant semeiotic sens and are included into general semeiotic continuum of national semeiotics. Conceptualization, figurativeness and typification refer to such cognitive mechanisms and they all consider matter and wais of the national cultural transmission. Cultural and linguistic concepts constitute the transmission nucleus of the national culture, and figurativeness and typification constitute variant circumference of the nationalandcultural transmission, which exists in the form of literature. The following model introduces a type of symmetrization of the relations: «text» — «sens» and «sens» — «text» in the context of «text» — «expositor» relation.

Language: russian



Sulimov V. A.
The Problem of the Text Cognition: Research Methodology // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2006. Issue #2: 78—85