Theory of Metabolic Spaces

Lisin A. V., Platonenko V. I.

Group of Companies «VNIIMI», Moscow


The purpose of the study is to reveal constructive peculiarities of the Present time in a general structure of Time. To achieve the goal basic kinds of logic and scientific methods (analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, descriptive, speculative, dialectic, comparative, modeling) are used. As an idealized object a graphic paradigm of Time «arrow» is under investigation. The Present time is presented as a metabolic Space (MS). The theory of metabolic Space (TMS) is based on fundamental principles of natural science: system organization, maintenance and synergetics. TMS considers Time as a primary tecton of a living being, as a virtual metabolic objectspace and as a system of Times. TSM describes a polymeric construction of metabolic space consisting of elementary monomers — quanta of duration «quantum-moments». TSM describes the law of simultaneity of events (phenomenon, process, actions) in physical reality, conditioned by attachment to a frontmoment of metabolic Space. TSM forms a model of a «running wheel» of Time in development of a graphic paradigm of Time «arrow» and describes quantummoment of MS as having no dimensional limit of duration. TSM describes a chiral effect of Time «arrow»: incompatibility with its «mirror reflection» — the Eternity.

Language: russian



Lisin A. V., Platonenko V. I.
Theory of Metabolic Spaces // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2007. Issue #2: 16—