On Harmony of the Universe

Marutaev M. A.

International Academy of Science (Health&Ecology E. V.), Russian Section, Moscow


For the first time a definition of harmony was formulated as a logic identity of opposites as well as a mathematical form of 3numerical laws: 1. qualitative symmetry; 2. broken symmetry; 3. golden section. The force of these laws was found in musical compositions, musical scales, Mendeleev periodical tables, planetary distances, demography, genetics, physics, mathematics, heliobiology, human history and the like. Approximately 85%of numbers obtained with striking accuracy correspond to the mentioned numerical laws confirming the harmony as a common law of the Universe the law of the Whole.

Language: russian



Marutaev M. A.
On Harmony of the Universe // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2008. Issue #1: 34—41