Prospects of Bipathy Use in Nanotechnologies

Epstein O. I.

OOO «NPF «Material Medica Holding», Moscow


Ultralow doses have been used and studied in medicine and biology for more than 200 years. And now it is time to study them fundamentally and use them in techniques and national economy. By way of example of antibodies and other endogenous and exogenous molecules it was first demonstrated that there is practical possibility to use specific sensitizing effect of activated drugs containing ultralow doses of the starting substance. Phenomenon observed at simultaneous administration of ultralow (homeopathic) and usual (allopathic) dose was named bipathy. Experimental studies showed that ultralow dose modifies effects of the usual dose.

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Epstein O. I.
Prospects of Bipathy Use in Nanotechnologies // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2009. Issue #1: 17—20