Issue #2, 2010


Hecht K., Scherf H., Kehl K., Meffert P.

An Ignored Factor in Depression Pathogenesis: Chronic Co-morbidity of Low Blood Pressure and Cervical Spine Symptoms

Today, depression is considered one of the most common diseases, second only to infectious diseases. According to the latest findings, most antidepressants have more side effects than real therapeutic effects. Obviously, the pathophysiological mechanisms of this disease have not yet been sufficiently understood in order to develop appropriate therapeutic approaches. In systematic studies in 425 patients with a resting systolic blood pressure of <110 mmHg we have been able to verify the triad of low blood pressure, cervical spine syndrome, and depressive disorders. Symptoms in these patients were partially or fully relieved after 2 to 4 weeks in which they followed a special Asclepian treatment without any medication aimed at a healthy life style.

Serebrovskaya T. V., Nikolskiy I. S., Ishchuk V. A., Nikolskaya V. V.

Human Adaptation to Intermittent Hypoxia: Effects on Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Immune System

It is well known that Intermittent Hypoxia Training/Treatment (IHT) activates protective properties of an organism but there are very few evidences about the role of stem cells in this process. In this investigation we studied effects of IHT on human hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), factors of natural resistance and basic humoral and cellular components of adaptive immunity in peripheral blood of 10 healthy subjects (25—35 years). It was firstly shown that IHT causes the decrease in circulating HSC count in one week after IHT. As a result of IHT, the enhancement of natural resistance system occurs, including complement activation, platelet number augmentation, the increase in phagocytic capacity of neutrophils with a decrease in their spontaneous and increase in reserve bactericidity. In such mode IHT didn\\\'t effect the red blood cell status as well as erythropoietin concentration. A decrease in HSC number in peripheral blood is probably associated with the change of their migration ability. However, it remains unclear whether there is an inhibition of HSC migration into circulation or an activation of HSC escape from circulation. In both cases tissues could accumulate more HSC which in turn could enhance hematopoiesis and general regenerative potential. It assures the HSC transdifferentiation capacity, plastic ity and intercellular cooperation.

Smirnov V. M.

Mentality, Soul and Consciousness — Questions at Issue

In the review definitions of terms «the higher nervous activity», «mental activity», «mentality», «soul» and «consciousness» are quoted and carefully analysed. Strongly pronounced contradictions of existing representations are shown, the reason of their presence is opened and original author\\\'s definitions are given.


Glazachev S. N., Glazachev O.S.

Ecological Purposes of the Millenium Development

Postneoclassic understanding of the world in theories of humanitarian systems, role of life values in judgement of problems in ecology, technics and culture are presented. The analysis of a macro-shift phenomenon as unity of technologies and creative activity of people is given in valuable-semantic context.

Moiseev Yu. M.

Influence of Globalization on Evolution of Town-Planting Planning Culture

Methods of hard-line directive planning are becoming insufficient to meet the demanding tasks of urban development under conditions of globalization. The former models not only underestimated interests of the spatial wellbeing of places, but did not help to elaborate comprehensive approach to deal with the emerging environmental and socio-economic prob lems of contemporary cities. The analyses of the available observations and recently conducted researches help understand that the evolution of urban planning culture is determined by changes of goals definitions, procedural relationships and organizational forms of urban governance.

Takeshita Ken

Prospects for the Risk Society and the Ecological State

We are confronted with huge social change all over the world. Under this situation, we should find another idea of state\\\'s aim. The organization of state aimed at protection of human rights formerly, and then it placed emphasis also on guarantee of a person\\\'s living as well as right of liberty. But in comtemporary stage of state, which is remarked by the risk produced in information knowledged soceity, we should search for new idea of the ecological state.

Toader-Williams A.

Human Mind as the Invaluable Commodity and Infrastructure Towards World\\\'s Ecological Protection and Sustainable Macro7Economy (Problems & Solutions)

The Human Civilization is on the verge of collapse. Humanity\\\'s sustainable behavior is the foundation towards the World\\\'s ecological protection and towards a realistic World\\\'s sustainable macroeconomy; nurturing Human Mind is the key to the long term success. The roll of States and Governments, Schools and Universities along with Religious Organizations is highlighted as the need for partnership towards education. Human\\\'s personal health and welfare is an integral part of our planet\\\'s health. Antismoking, obesity prevention, sporting activities and parenthood training backed by financial incentive programs are recommended.

Lukashov V. E.

Problems of Electronic Education (E-Learning)

The main principles, working methods and also the progress of developed countries in the field of the creation and promotion of advanced, uninterrupted education systems, publicized as nonlegible form education method (e-learning) are set out in article.


Komissarov G. G.

A New Concept of Photosynthesis: Opening Perspectives

A brief review of the author works, which led to the creation of a new concept of photosynthesis is presented. According the idea, the source of oxygen (hydrogen) is not water but the exo- and endogenous hydrogen peroxide subjected to photochemical or thermal dissociation. Thermal energy is necessary participant (not waste) of this process. On the basis of the considerations the cogent explanation of physiological process proceeded at the photosynthesis is given. Some problems concerning life origin are discussed. A new principle of the conversion of solar to electrical energy is proposed. Recommendation for stimulating of the growth and productivity of plants are given.

Goldfein M. D., Kozhevnikov N. V.

Concepts of Chemical Physics of Polymers as Scientific Foundations of Realization of Environmental Protection

The paper summarizes the basic results of the research concerning the application of some concepts of chemical physics in environmental protection and life safety. The scientific novelty and applied significance of the presented data are shown to be in the development of theory of radical-chain reactions of polymers formation, in the design of scientific foundations of ecologically safe technologies and new effective methods for environmental monitoring.


Zaharov N. I.

Reforming in Russia: Theoretical Bases and Practice

Actual methodological and applied aspects of management by development and reforming in Russia are considered in the article. On the basis of the analysis of world classical and neoclassical political economy positions author gives reason for necessity of reconsideration about structure of base factors of a way of manufacture for Russia, a role and places in it of productive forces, relations of production and superstructure relations. The author\\\'s interpretation of a person and nature interaction in modern socioeconomic structures as key condition of their development is given. Specificity of the Russian phenomenon «power business», making powerful impact on quality and dynamics of reforming in Russia is allocated.