Ecological Design: the Program (Module) and Methodical Materials

S. N. Glazachev, A. O. Glazacheva

M. A. Sholokhov Moscow State University of Humanities, Moscow, Russia


Developing ideas of modern arts education Concept on the basis of the theory and technologies of contextual training in conditions of competence approach, the course «Ecological design» is developed. Problem field of the course — inevitable ecologization of all spheres in social development, design character of modern culture and overcoming of contradictions in the higher education. These contradictions of social development as though incorporate in education of the future designer and demand to be overcame. In his project activity the designer should be capable to connect harmoniously a creative, art plan and practical embodiment, the product of its activity urged to be nature-adherent, to correspond to ecological criteria. Developing abilities, it is necessary to embody them in the professional work, one of which major components is ecological competence. The course program, structure, algorithm of its realization are presented.

Language: russian



S. N. Glazachev, A. O. Glazacheva
Ecological Design: the Program (Module) and Methodical Materials // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2011. Special Issue #1: 62—65