Think Fundamental — Act Problem Oriented: A Challenge for Physiology and Public Health in the 21st Century

W. Kofler

echenov First Moscow State Medical University, Moscow International Academy of Sciences — Health and Ecology, Innsbruck, Austria


Who celebrates Newton as discoverer of gravity, Einstein as discoverer of the equivalence of energy and matter within space-time, Darwin as the discoverer of the evolution of species, Vernadsky as discoverer of biosphere and Noosphere and Sechenov and Pavlov as the discoverer of inhibition and conditioning, should connect to the «Extended View» the discovery that matter and information can be linked within the semantic space, but also the discovery that the entire process from the Big Bang up to society can be understood as one evolutionary process and attributed to one similar principle of development, namely as a result of alignments carried out by existing objects at a respective point of time within their consensus between the poles of self-reference, consent-reference and environmental reference. The «Extended View» uses, among others, all these perceptions for a comprehensive understanding of how health can be recovered, preserved and increased. Towards this common goal physiology and Public Health do orient ever again according to the ever-changing needs. With own studies on the example of the ability to link matter with information, the applicability in practice and the gain in explanatory power of the «Extended View» gets demonstrated. This provides a technique to tackle seemingly irreconcilable scientific areas such as the mind-body problem, the gap between individual and society, but also between reality, actuality and virtuality on a causal level. To elaborate this very comprehensive theory user-oriented is the aim of the \\\'Stockholm project\\\' which shall be the main focus of this recently created cathedra. Key Words: Extended View on Evolution, ontology and epistemology as tools, application on physiological principles, information, body mind problem, Theory of Functional Systems, Enforcement, Inhibition, Conditioning, competitive effect, life events, Chernobyl.

Language: english



W. Kofler
Think Fundamental — Act Problem Oriented: A Challenge for Physiology and Public Health in the 21st Century // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2013. Issue #1: 32—44