Philosophical Theses about The Nature of Information

Kolin K. K.


The philosophical aspects of the Phenomenon of Information and especially its manifestations in the structure of reality are examined in the paper. Ontological and epistemological aspects of Philosophy of Information, based on the hypothesis of the author about the existence of General laws, which should be fair for all of the information processes in various information environments are discussed. The features of each of the information environment, which determine the type characteristic of her media, has a significant impact on the specific manifestation in this environment, the Phenomenon of Information and therefore can serve as criteria for the selection of the respective areas with the structure of the complex of Information Science and, primarily, the subject area of Informatics as a fundamental science that studies information processes in nature and society. Key words: Information, Information Science, information environment, the scientific worldview, Philosophy of Information.

Language: russian



Kolin K. K.
Philosophical Theses about The Nature of Information // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2015. Issue #1: 52—58