W. Kofler


Natural scientists celebrate actually 100 years Relativity Theories. A good reason to jubilate for physicists and cosmologists: Einstein changed their world view thanks to new theories of science. So physics improved from a discipline without options for new discoveries to the leading discipline. This caused dramatic influences on manpower, grants and world economics. Einstein contributed also to the implementation of former unaccepted positions about the power of science. These positions liberated all types of scientists from former restrictions. This ongoing enabled scientists to successful problem oriented specializations e.g. in pharmacology. So medicine could use more powerful tools. These tools are based just on — from the philosophical view — materialistic principles. These aspects can be handled by computers with increasing success. But the feature and central proposition of medicine is based just on «idealistic» principles: on a comprehensive and insightful attention to the individual person. No improvements are to observe in these «idealistic» principles. On the contrary: The complaints against machine-like impersonal medicine are increasing. But Einstein opened the door also to improve this unique selling position as he caused the revival for its most genius period of physics. Einstein’s secret was to open brand new applications thanks to the unification of disciplines which seemed to be logically incompatible. So medicine should focus on a unification of all health related sectoral disciplines within one theory of medicine. As well Einstein’s theory of sciences which were used to invent the SRT allows the creation of such a comprehensive theory as the won liberty to apply ontological positions just problem oriented. This liberty justifies postulating fundamentals just on and for the basis of the obvious needs of patients and health care workers. These fundamentals allow deducing a principle for the self-creation of any emergent health related win within the permanent evolutionary win.

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W. Kofler
HUNDRED YEARS RELATIVITY THEORIES — A STIMULUS FOR A THEORY FOR MEDICINE? // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2016. Issue #1: 15—20