Fixed Assets Socio-Ecological Education of Students

V. S. Shilova


This article discusses the results of the theoretical and practical analysis of the problem of funds in the system of higher education. These results were made as the original premise of studying the phenomenon of funds in the context of social and environmental education of students. It was found that the principal means in higher professional groups perform the following general teaching aids: natural objects and their means of reproducing images and display effects, objects and processes, environmental, facilities, textbooks and manuals. All these groups are interrelated, interdependent, however, require an optimum combination of specific conditions in the process of socio-environmental education, which greatly improves its efficiency.

Language: russian



V. S. Shilova
Fixed Assets Socio-Ecological Education of Students // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2017. Issue #1: 93—96