Issue #1, 2018


S. N. Glazachev, O. S. Glazachev

Ecological Look at The World (Introductionary Paper)

Experience of studying the ecologicalhumanitarian paradigm of thought and activity on the basis of an integral image of the world, the reflective selfdetermination of a human in the world is represented in the paper. The main keys to creation of the necessary paradigm lie not in the layer of practice, its correctability, but in the criterion basis of practice changes. By changing the criteria, we can find a paradigm and create both strategy and tactics of ecological selfexpression of mankind. Keywords: paradigm, world view, ecology, reflection, spirituality, universal evolutionism


J. V. de Assuncao


The article examines the relationship between public health and pollution in the perspective of a globalized world in which environmental and health problems go beyond national borders, demanding global cooperation for a sustainable society. It also describes the factors that have influenced the increase in pollution, its current situation and prospects for the future. Keywords: environmental pollution; air pollution; global health; health; malaria; international cooperation.

G. Tellnes, K. B. Batt-Rawden, W.Y. Christie

Nature Culture Health Promotion as Community Building

Recent research confirm that longevity and a healthy life is strongly influenced by belonging to closely knit communities or groups, that can give you a sense of meaning, belonging and a sense of coping through collective activities. New health chal

Yu. M. Grishaeva, Z. N. Tkacheva, N. S. Evstafeva, A. V. Vasilevskiy


Abstract: the article deals with the current system trends of ecological education in higher school on the example of professional pedagogical education. The inclusion of the individual in the ecological-oriented activity is the main (system-forming) factor of ecological education, which allows to fully use the ecological, pedagogical and psychological principles and laws of the formation of the ecological-oriented worldview. Key words: ecological culture, ecological education, higher school, the ecological-oriented worldview, professional competence, professional education, ecological and professional competence, trends

C. J. Blasi


The aim of this paper is to give an generell overview of water and health. Furthermore it enligh-tened which discipline are involved in serving good quality water to public and industry. How-ever there are still a problems, especially in developing countries. A touch of the history of sani-tation during from Roman Times over Middle Age to Modern Times gives an insight view what was achieved and what was lost. To manage all the problems with water and wastewater, a profound knowledge about the water itself, it occurrence in time and the required technology in drink water and wastewater treatment is necessary. Despite all these achievement, many people in developing countries suffer on water related diseases, especially in hot climate. Keywords: Water Quality, Sanitation, Water-related Diseases, Hot Climate

I. Wakai


Modern cities, having suffered from the bitter experience of pollution which caused population outflow over many years, began to create comfortable urban environments in order to encourage the settlement of people, which serves as the source of urban vitality. This study clarified the effectiveness toward this end in order to verify both quantitatively and qualitatively the achievement resulting from the creation of a comfortable urban environment in the case of Osaka city, by introducing environmental indicators. It thereby demonstrated that populations have been re-accumulated at the center of modern cities, which have become more convenient and comfortable. Keywords: Comfortable urban environment, environmental indicators, accumulation of population

L. A. Mezhova, Z. R. Sagova, M. A. Lugovskoy

Methodological Approaches to the Study of Conflicts of Nature Management in Russia

The article discusses approaches to the study of nature management conflicts under the conflict of nature is understood the contradictions of territorial-economic systems and environmental activities. Intensive economic development of the territory leads to the degradation of environmental geosystems. Based on different approaches are considered regional conflicts natural resources and developed strategies to minimize these conflicts. Key words: nature management conflicts, environmental conflicts, international, transit, river basins, sustainable development, sustainable use of natural resources

G. Fumarola


The history of air pollution originates in the XIII century, when in London fossil coal began to be used by artisans and craftsmen; it continues through the main events of the first and the second industrial revolution that led to great benefits for mankind but entailed an increasing consumption of coal, dissemination of air pollutants and degradation of the environment. The situation became more alarming in many countries after the Second World War, as a consequence of industrial development, rapid urban sprawl and new unexpected environmental phenomena that occurred in the sixties and the seventies. Today, an integrated approach and renewed awareness of this troubled history will be needed to face the environmental issues as a whole, with a reconsideration of some models of development that are strongly affecting our society, in the attempt to retrieve harmonious relationships that have been lost in many aspects of life.

V. V. Litvinenko

Change in the Structure of Crops Sowing Areas Influenced the In

There have been considered in the article changes in the structure of sown areas of grain crops in the Russian Federation since the beginning of the XX century to the present time. The structure of sown areas for allgrain

R. Türk


The specific sensitivity of lichens to air pollutants enables us to use them for monitoring the effects of airborne toxic gases, such as sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxides. The monitoring can be carried out by mapping the epiphytic lichen biodiversity and the exposure of sensitive lichen species to the environment. Because of their anatomical structure and the relatively high absorption layer of lichens they are able to accumulate heavy metals and radionuclides. Thus the spatial distribution of manmade radionuclides and of heavy metals originating from traffic and industrial processes can be demonstrated by using lichens as monitoring organisms.

P. M. Krylov

About the Problem of Strategic Spatial Development on the Example of the City of Grozny and the Grozny Agglomeration

In article the description and the analysis of strategic spatial development is given (on the example of transport infrastructure of the master plan of the city district «city of Grozny» at the present stage of his development). Grozny is considered as a kernel of the Grozny city agglomeration. The short historical analysis of a transport component of master plans of last years is provided. The main directions of perspective development of the city transport system are considered.


W. Kofler

Pfizer ends Alzheimer-research: an emergency signal for Medicine and Politics

Pfizer, the worlds greatest pharmaceutical company (business volume 2016 52,8 billion US$) has ended its efforts in Alzheimer - research. The decision was conclusive: There is no realistic assumption that the invested money can be recovered. The decision was driven by science, not by costs or a lack of qualified scientists: The currently used scientific views from our world (paradigms) are not adequate for the needed scientific challenge. The relevance of Alzheimer for the world wide level of health - and therefore for the cost of related drugs - will increase dramatically because of the shift in the age distribution. So the level of health will decrease. Both facts should be warning signals for decision makers for the future of medicine and politics to reassess the actually used strategies. There is hope if one were able to undertake the following two steps: first to develop a more appropriate paradigmatic model and second to transfer it into specific applicable tools. The “Extended View” is such a paradigmatic model. The model is a matter of further development within IAS-HE and Sechenov University. It is matter of interdisciplinary discussions e.g. within the Russian Academy of Science. Principles of the model are presented.

O. S. Glazachev

Quality of Life in The Elderly: Opportunities for Management, Based on the Principles of Adaptive Medicine

The unprecedented demographic changes in the 21st century, in particular, the increase in life expectancy and the aging of the population, actualize new challenges to the social services and public health of all countries. One of the most important problems is the preservation and maintenance of elderly\'s quality of life. Taking into account the complexity and multicomponent nature of the concept of \"quality of life\", different approaches are considered in the work to maintain the quality of life of elderly and senile people. The benefits of multimodal rehabilitation programs, including physical training, psychological support, emotional training, measures of social adaptation are postulated in the paper. The possibilities of maintaining the quality of life of the elderly are shown on the basis of techniques that implement the principles of adaptive medicine - training for repetitive individually dosed environmental factors that are temporal stressors, leading to an increase in resistance to both a specific factor and an increase in overall resistance, as a result - the quality of life of the elderly as a whole. As physical stressors, exercise training, interval hypoxic training, as well as hyperthermic effects are considered and discussed in the paper.

E. A. Yumatov, O. S. Glazachev, E. V. Bykova, S. Ya. Klassina, Ts. Absandze, V. Semyonova

Psychophysiological Characteristics of Emotional Stress, Sleep and Character Traits in Students

The emotional state, character traits of personality and sleep are in close relationship and determine the health, academic performance and working capacity of the students. Improving and optimizing training in the Higher School has a huge social significance. Research is focused on a comprehensive study of the patterns of development of the students\' emotional stress in real learning activity. Psychological testing, registration of emotional stress, of character traits of personality and of phase structure of sleep in students were conducted. The obtained results indicate that a significant part of students have signs of emotional stress, sleep disorders and daytime sleepiness. The results of the correlation analysis point to multifaceted interrelationships between the character traits of the students\' personality, psychophysiological indicators, background (current) emotional stress and caused by provoking stimulus in the context of everyday learning activity. Individual-group differences in the background and induced emotional stress in students during everyday learning activities are shown in association with the psychological personality traits and sleep.

Germaine Cornelissen


Franz Halberg (1919 – 2013) was a remarkable man and an exceptional scientist. He is regarded by most as the “father” of modern chronobiology. Having realized the critical importance and far-reaching implications of biological rhythms, he undertook the tasks of (a) documenting their ubiquity at all levels of organization; (b) developing methods for their objective and quantitative characterization; (c) uncovering their rules of behavior and mapping a broad time structure of interacting multifrequency rhythms; (d) providing the nomenclature; and (e) paving the way for important applications in medicine and biology more generally. By adding “time” to the existing body of knowledge, Halberg raised the homeostatic curtain of ignorance, thereby fundamentally changing our view of physiology. By insisting on an inferential statistical foundation, a microscopy in time was born. By adding a telescopy in time with a methodical scrutiny of non-photic and environmental influences on biota, chronomics flourished under his leadership. Herein, we review key ideas that led Halberg to build the new disciplines of chronobiology and chronomics.

E. F. Medeiros; F. Lan

Casting Bells and Shaping Needles: Music as a Metaphorical Guide in Classical Chinese Medicine

The use of concepts and metaphors originated from ancient musical theories is an important feature of the theories that base the early practice of acupuncture in China despite being neglected by modern textbooks. In this paper, we highlight how concepts and ideas originated from the ancient musical theories influenced and contributed to shape the discourse of acupuncture theories in Huangdi Neijing 《黄帝内经 》 (HDNJ). We correlate musical metaphors and medical theories when investigating the Yellow Bell (Huangzhong-黄锺), a metaphor from an important musical concept that is also an ancient musical instrument and appears in one important passage of the text of chapter 78 of HDNJ Lingshu - On the Nine Needles《黄帝内经 .灵枢经》《九针论》 when explaining the choice of the number nine as the primordial number of shapes for the classical acupuncture needles. This exemplifies the central role that ancient Chinese musical theories and its metaphors- embedded in the discourse of HDNJ- play in the construction of the early theories and practices of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.


A. S. Guliyev, R. A. Guliyev

Hypothesis on the Large Planetary Body on the Periphery of the Solar System

Selected aspects of the Guliyev’s hypothesis about the existence of the large planetary body on distance of 250 - 400 AU as, a factor of comets transfer, are considered. In this hypothesis the main emphasis is on the regularities in the motion of comets coming from distant regions of the solar system. The analysis covers 1249 comets observed until 2017. It is shown that there exists a plane near which the concentration of cometary perihelion. According to the hypothesis this plane having parameters Ip = 860.2; Ωp = 2710.7 is result of the influence of giant planetary body at the distance of 250 - 400 AU. It shows that number of aphelia and distant nodes of cometary orbits within this limit (within statistical validity) significantly exceeds the expected background. On the basis of collected cometary data, we have estimated orbital elements of the hypothetical planetary body: а = 337 a.e.; e = 0.14; ω = 570; Ω = 2720.7; I = 860. Key words: comets, planet X, transfer

Ch. Bartenbach


This paper discusses how the effect of light is related to health, wellbeing and diseases, of both a mental and physical nature. This not only concerns the optimisation of vision and the visual performance range, but also the “creation of knowledge” as a harbinger of consciousness. Since most of the sensory stimuli that reach our brain are of a visual nature, this means that the processing of information inputs is mainly a visual activity. This processing and the associated visual behaviour is predominantly done in a neural way through the “visual system” and hormonally through the “non-visual system”. These processes are explained and the associated research results, some of which have not yet been published, are presented. Results that predominantly concern the visual processes of perception also show the significance they would have if they were actually implemented. This also applies in particular to the “non-visual system”, in which the hormonal components that are influenced by light, i.e. serotonin and melatonin, are considered in conjunction with the circadian rhythm with regard to the implementation of daylighting and artificial lighting systems.


O. S. Anisimov, S. N. Glazachev, O. S. Glazachev

The Idea of Noosphere and the Perspective of the World Projec: Civilizational Approach

The article discusses the problem of the specifics of the world project and the corresponding conditions for its creation, both substantive, civilizational, global, noospheric, etc., and in thought form. Differential as well as integral typeы of the world project are distinguished. A pivotal role in the construction of an integral, generally valid project belongs to the noospheric approach and the ideas of Russian cosmists, based on universal human values and aspirations. The predetermining importance of thinking culture higher forms in achieving analytical and design goals is emphasized. Key words: noosphere, globalism, idea, ideal, project, world project, integral project, differential project, strategy, thought technology, culture of thinking, civilization, type of civilization.

Val. A. Lukov

Sociobiology or Biosociology: How Do They Differ with Regard to the Happening in the New Generations?

Sociobiology and biosociology perceived as similar combinations of the same elements, but in relation to the new conditions povsednevnosti they vary in their approaches and results. This distinction in terms of intergenerational differentiation of society addressed in this article. She uses the thesaurus approach s to identify this difference as the base of the subject of research of biosociology youth.

T. Sh. Khalilova


In the article, relying on ancient written historical sources, cartographic, geological-geophysical and natural-climatic data, a new view on the ancient history of the Caspian Sea and near Caspian Oikumena have been proposed. It was determined that in ancient times the land isthmus separated the South Caspian depression from the Middle and Northern Caspian, which, as a result of changes in water level and tectonic processes, periodically submerged under water. Namely, this isthmus, in the opinion of the author was the same way from Asia to Europe, through the Caspian Sea, which Strabo wrote in his works.

N. V. Zakharov

The Virtual Shakespearean Sphere and Portraits of Shakespeare

TThe ‘Shakespeare industry’ as a part of the Shakespearean sphere is now widely represented in pictorial arts and other spheres and circulates in various types of media. Our article outlines some of the contemporary directions the development of the ‘Shakespeare industry’ is taking. Images associated with Shakespeare have long become a part of mankind’s visual experience — starting with the only lifetime drawing of a performance of his play and with two authentic 17th century portraits of Shakespeare. Other portraits of the playwright postdate his lifetime and either depicted other people or are forgeries which appeared later, when a huge demand arose for ‘genuine’ images of Shakespeare. These pseudo-portraits of Shakespeare, many of them well-known, are so numerous that the very fact of their existence proves them a product of the ‘Shakespeare industry’. Since the 18th century, Shakespearean plots and imagery have been playing an ever greater role in European — and, most importantly, in British art. It is hard to say when Shakespeare and his characters first made their appearance on commemorative coins, banknotes and stamps. A very recent example should suffice to show how these images are used. Early in 2016, the Royal Mint issued three new coins to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. These coins featured Yorick’s skull with a rose, a crown upon a sword and a scepter with a fool’s cap. Commemorative medals are of serious importance for a scholar, too, as well as stamps due to their sheer numbers. All of these representations deserve an in-depth study, as well as thematic and chronological classification. The rise of contemporary information technologies has begun to reshape the ‘Shakespeare industry’, especially concerning the information available online. Electronic editions of Shakespeare’s texts in English or Russian have already become authoritative. Of special interest are online encyclopedias of Shakespeare.