Dynamic Theory of Emotions and Systemic Organization of Behavior

E. A. Yumatov


Based on the Biological and the Information Theories of Emotions, we developed the Dynamic Theory of Emotions, which characterizes the progressive development of positive, negative emotions at different stages of systemic organization of behavior, taking into account the changing relationships between predicted probability and real achievement of the result, and also individual, personal traits. The Dynamic Theory of Emotions most fully reveals the origin, biological (evolutionary) role and participation of emotions in purposeful behavior, and shows the possibilities for conscious rational self-analysis, control and management of emotions in a systematic organization of purposeful behavior. The main theoretical positions of the «Dynamic Theory of Emotions» are confirmed in the complex experimental analysis of the students\' psychophysiological state. Educational activity is a real model of behavior that reflects the general biological patterns of development of emotions and emotional tension. Keywords: brain, psyche, motions, character traits, behavior

Language: russian



E. A. Yumatov
Dynamic Theory of Emotions and Systemic Organization of Behavior // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2019. Issue #1: 56—65