Ecology of Сulture and Human Desire to Go Beyond His Nature

V. A. Lukov


Taking into consideration the ecological-humanitarian paradigm of S. N. Glazachev in the thinking and education, the influence of the cultural factor on the construction of a person in the society of the future is shown in the paper. Man\'s aspiration to go beyond his nature has different consequences depending on the thesauruses learned and passed on to new generations — orientational mental complexes that determine the direction of social and cultural subjectivity of a person and human communities. Research data on the expectations and fears of «improving» a person among Russian youth who have received or are receiving higher education are presented in connection with cultural codes mastered by young people during the period of primary socialization6 which influence onto understanding of such «improvement». Keywords: ecology of culture, human construction, human future, youth, thesaurus approach

Language: russian



V. A. Lukov
Ecology of Сulture and Human Desire to Go Beyond His Nature // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2019. Issue #1: 101—105