W. Kofler, O. S. Glazachev


The proposal of the «Extended view» of a human person as a bio-psycho-social being and its interactions with his/her different environments for the comprehensive understanding of health, illness, recreation and wellbeing is based on a special application of the technique for theories of principles. This technique was developed by A. Einstein to link indispensable but actually incompatible theories Basics and the relevance of paradigms are presented as indispensable fundament of any scientific activity. The technique had to be modified for the health-oriented use. The prerequisite for a theory of principle can be a jointly accepted term but with not fully identical contents. The acceptance of one evolutionary process is such a position for all health related scientific disciplines. But the principles «behind» evolution are different according to the different paradigms to make the evolutionary process plausible; Emotional, cognitive and intellectual effects — additional to physical and biochemical ones — are indispensable for the understanding of a human person but are not part of the phenomena of physical or chemical entities or of the evolutionary model e.g. of cosmology. The health-oriented model has to cover also physics: A broken leg has to be understood on the basis of mechanics and gravitation. Therefore the compatibility of our «Extended View» has to be given with the (health related) power of physics and cosmology. The technique of the theories of principles allows to invent the new principles for the needed jointly understanding of the related stay of knowledge. But all further conclusions must be based just on logic argumentation. So we have to offer the invention of a health oriented characterization e.g. of big bang, inflation, electromagnetic fields, matter etc. for an extended understanding of our health related real world with different materials, sunlight etc. These offers have to allow logic argumentations up to the emotional, cognitive and intellectual effects and their relevance for health. It is to demonstrate that the additional assumptions are not in conflict with the power of physics and cosmology to explain health related phenomena. The paradigmatic positions of the extended view and physics and cosmology are compared. There are reproducible phenomena and related scientific positions, which are indispensable for the standard models in physics and cosmology but cannot be explained causally on the basis of their paradigms. The extended view allows proposals also for their causal understanding. Key words: theory of «extended view», human health, A. Einstein\'s «theory of principles», cosmology, logic

Language: english



W. Kofler, O. S. Glazachev
A HEALTH ORIENTED CHARACTERIZATION OF BIG BANG, ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS AND MATTER // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2019. Issue #1: 106—117