Dialectic of Emotional Stress

E. A. Yumatov


The article considers the biological nature and origin of emotional stress. Emotional stress is primarily formed in the mental activity of the brain in the form of pronounced emotions. The «Dynamic theory of emotions» characterizes the appearance of a continuous negative emotional state in conflicting behavioral situations in which the subject for a long time is not able to satisfy his strong dominant need. The dual nature of emotional stress is shown, which has a biologically negative - pathogenetic effect on health, and it has a positive property - the adaptation of individuals, self-preservation and evolutionary change of species. Key words: emotions, emotional stress, psychosomatic diseases, health, adaptation, evolution.

Language: russian



E. A. Yumatov
Dialectic of Emotional Stress // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2020. Issue #1: 31—35