Nikita Moiseev and the Modern World

M. Ch. Zalikhanov, S. A. Stepanov


The article discusses the main directions of the scientist\'s scientific thoughts about the fate of Russia and the world in the 21st century from the standpoint of the concept of universal evolutionism developed by him. The “TEACHER” system, ecological and moral imperatives, Collective intelligence and noospherogenesis, co-evolution of man, nature and society are the most important components of the concept, allowing not only to outline the modern scientific picture of the world, but also to look beyond the historical horizon and formulate a Strategy for the survival of mankind. Extensive experience in theoretical and empirical research in mechanics, mathematics, computer science, and synergetics has allowed the scientist to come up with co-evolutionary ideas and the conclusion about the inevitability of the death of civilization, if the uncontrolled evolution of human society is not stopped. The scientist proclaimed the 21st century the century of humanism and humanitarian knowledge. He emphasized that evolutionary processes in nature and society take place in the name of man, but to the extent successful, in which man least violates the evolutionary laws of nature. Key words: concept; universal evolutionism; environmental and moral imperatives; noоsрherogenesis; collective mind; transition strategy; global challenges and risks.

Language: russian



M. Ch. Zalikhanov, S. A. Stepanov
Nikita Moiseev and the Modern World // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2020. Issue #1: 70—74