Prospects for Adaptive Medicine Techniques in The Era of The New Coronavirus Pandemic

Glazachev O. S., Kryzhanovskaya S. Yu.


The pandemic of coronavirus infection has become a reality, in which along with reasonable methods of SARS-Cov-2 control (vaccination, timely detection of new virus strains, distancing, means of individual protection, etc.) it is necessary to form a broader view onto the problem, taking into account economic, psychological, medical and social aspects. From the point of view of solving public health problems, it is evident the relevance to substantiate and popularize widely accessible nonmedicinal means of prevention and health promotion, reduction of risk of adverse outcomes of COVID-19 infection, weakening of negative influence for selfisolation, recreational restrictions on human health. Such means may be approaches/methods of adaptive medicine, among which are individually adjusted physical activity/exercising, technolo gies of systemic thermal influences/hyperthermia, hypoxic conditioning. The paper analyzes physiological and molecular biochemical mechanisms of crossadaptive effects formation in the application of the indicated approaches, determining the reduction of the infection probability and development of COVID19 infection complications, effective rehabilitation of patients with post-Covid syndrome, as well as maintenance of psychosomatic human health in modern conditions of high epidemic and ecosocial risks. Keywords: pandemic, coronavirus infection, adaptive medicine, postCOVID syndrome, cross effects of adaptation.

Language: russian



Glazachev O. S., Kryzhanovskaya S. Yu.
Prospects for Adaptive Medicine Techniques in The Era of The New Coronavirus Pandemic // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2021. Issue #1: 58—63