Thesaurus Approach of Shakespearean Studies

Zakharov N. V.


The background for Shakespearean studies gains importance in interdisciplinary context. The thesaurus approach of studying Shakespeare, his contemporaries, and the daily life of his epoch helps to concentrate on the aspect of interdisciplinary studies of Shakespeare\'s creative works. Following this task, the author of the article researches the key areas of Shakespearean studies. Today, Shakespeare is not only the genius of AngloSaxon literature, but also one of the pillars of AngloAmerican educational system both at school and at university. Shakespearean studies have long gone beyond the framework of the Englishspeaking cultures. Turning to Shakespeare, researchers of the largest educational centers of the world study not only the literature of the late Renaissance period, the evolution of Shakespearean poetics in the context of world culture, Shakespearean reminiscences on national literature; not only the development of dramaturgy, the history of the theatre, music, the cinema, but also other disciplines seemingly unconnected to the world artistic culture. The research oriented at philosophical understanding of the great playwright\'s work has gained special significance for scientific and teaching activity. Studying Shakespeare\'s work in the 21st Century is closely connected to the Internet and information technologies. In a sense, the thesaurus approach in modern humanities should be transformed and become a method of analyzing the concepts and conceptospheres that form thesauri. Keywords: W. Shakespeare; thesaurus approach; method; analysis; interdisciplinarity; Vаlery Andreevich Lukov; VladimirAndreevich Lukov; Shakespearean studies

Language: russian



Zakharov N. V.
Thesaurus Approach of Shakespearean Studies // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2021. Issue #1: 95—103