A Guide Through The COVID-19 Jungle

Kofler W., Glazachev O. S.


This is a position paper, created for and with mem- bers of the International Academy of Science-Health & Ecology and partners. The current situation, which is also unique due to the worldwide social action, challenges us to elaborate such a paper to form an opinion and to make it available to others. We are — to put it simply — alienated by two seemingly irreconcilable groups, each of which, in its own way, sees the situation in a highly sim- plified way: Those who deny COVID-19 or belittle it despite the horrible images, and those who do not want to take note of the antiseptic and even against better infor- mation. But every life-experienced mother, every sweaty construction worker and every smart athlete knows that you can protect yourself and your child from the threat of infection by quickly putting on appropriate clothing: without affecting the contact with others or the viral load in the nose and without replacing a vaccination! Both conflicting positions lead to the same result in one point: the «Semmelweis phenomenon» is repeated: that obvious knowledge is not applied for extra-scientific reasons: In the 19th century, because people did not want to accept its effectiveness against puerperal fibers, with the conse- quence that two decades longer mothers had to die unnecessarily. In the 21st century because the historically known possibilities and limits of non-specific defenses are being suppressed. This time, millions are affected... This position paper can and will only provide arguments so that everyone can put their own limited conclusions to the test. This is less about factual knowledge. One also does not need to know the techniques of the different disciplines that are practically relevant especially for dealing with COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2. In this regard, one can rely on the experts. It is more a matter of understanding the process flows and interconnections. In doing so, you have to venture into the world of thinking of the most diverse and mostly foreign disciplines. Whether you like it or not, you have to get an idea of whether the position of a decision-maker or a statement by an expert — no matter how recognized he may be in his field — is meaningful overall for the complex issue at hand. Can one be sure that this person has appropriately brought his or her specialized knowledge to bear on the complex issue at hand, or that he or she is only selectively representing a position from one point of view? In order to be able to assess this, one must be prepared to form a complex opinion oneself. To do this, you need — of course, open to discussion — positions on the various partial aspects. One should not expect more and only demand that others are also prepared to state why they take this or that position. Such controversial arguments have been considered in the position paper: Contributed by members and friends from the most diverse scientific disciplines, from art and culture. In particular, however, also from their life partners who want to live together with them in everyday life, although they concentrate most of the time on their own — foreign — world of thoughts. That is why this position paper has to be so multilayered and sometimes — but only seemingly — give the impression of being away from the core problem.

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Kofler W., Glazachev O. S.
A Guide Through The COVID-19 Jungle // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2021. Special Issue #2: 6—77