Demidenko E.S., Dergacheva E.A.


The analysis related to the increase in the technogenic development of society, the death of the biosphere and the change in the evolution of life is carried out. On Earth, as a result of the establishment of the bourgeois technocratic worldview, the socio-technological development of the world is taking place with the transformation of the natural-evolutionary processes of life. This is accompanied by the degradation of the natural biosphere nature (living organisms, soil cover and biogeochemical metabolic processes) with the rapid formation of the technosphere as a material artificial world, which begins to meet the new needs of people, causing noospheric creativity. V. I. Vernadsky considered this process as the noospheric ascent of biospheric life. Practice has shown that the formation of an artificial world leads to the destruction of the biosphere on land and the disastrous transition of life into the technosphere. Based on this, the authors propose a strategy for the preservation and revival of biosphere life in the Russian Federation with the careful introduction of noospheric organisms into the biosphere. Creating this strategy, the authors pay special attention to the biosphere and noosphere safety of the population of our country with the introduction of new social practices on the world stage, not limited to environmental solutions such as «green» economy and sustainable development programs.

Language: russian



Demidenko E.S., Dergacheva E.A.
BIOSPHERE SAFETY IN THE TECHNOGENIC WORLD: STATUS AND PROSPECTS // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2022. Special Issue #2: 8—15