Blasi Ch. J.


The aim of this paper is to give a general overview on our environmental and how we can they described in the broader sense. By this means the question arise, what is our environmental, and which kind of information are needed to characterize it. Until the industrial revolution the information about the environment was descriptive and documented in different way, sometime it was handed over by spoken words from generation to generation. By going forward in time assessing and determining of certain parameter toke place. These parameter can only give a rough overview of the real world. On the other hand it gives the mankind the possibility to mange the takes. In the modern world Scientists and Engineers play a major role, and nearly all of them deal with environmental information, which are gained by observation and measurement. Our environment is complex conglomerate, different approaches are need to capture it as a whole. The simple way are data, these can be gain by observation, or by measurement. Furthermore detailed investigation of certain subjects or areas give a deeper look insight the environment. It has to be noted, that our environment is not a static system at all. Therefore this have to be in mind, if it goes to setup monitoring programs. An another point is to make clear that the investigation and their result follow the argument. To gain the best results of the collected data, observation and investigation it is wise to established this knowledge in regulation and directives. The main scope this paper are to give a general overview how environmental information are used by different communities and organization, either for planning or protection the environment. For example it helps authorities to plan and established certain projects. But these projects could interfere the environment. For these reason environmental awareness have to taken into account. Keywords: environmental information, knowledge, engineers

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Blasi Ch. J.
ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION: KNOWLEDGE EVIDENCE IDENTIFICATION // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2023. Issue #1: 24—28