Issue #1, 2011


Karl Hecht

Clinoptilolite-Zeolite as Sanogenetic Important for Human Health

Over the past 20 years, numerous scientific findings regarding the mechanism of action of cliniptilolithzeolite in the human body were made. Both studies and anecdotal reports confirm the efficacy of natural zeolite as a basic therapeutic and prophylacitc agent and as a means of detoxification. Providing people with natural clinoptilolith zeolite is urgently required for the following reasons: 1. The increasing deficit in essential minerals in our food and the resultant dysmineralosis as a clinical syndrome. 2. The gradual poisoning of humans with huge quantities of harmful substances from the environment, from air, from water, and from food. 3. The worldwide criticism of pharmaceutical drugs that frequently show only few curative effects, but may rather bring about diseases or may even be fatal. Clinoptilolith zeolite is known to be rich in silica. After oxygen, silica is the second most common element on our planet. Silica is the oldest remedy and cosmetic known to humankind.

K. V. Sudakov

Functional Systems Theory Development at P. K. Anokhin\\\'s Scientific School

In the article substantive provisions of the functional systems theory are stated. The comparative analysis of the theory contribution in studying of actual physiological problems of the dynamic stereotypes system organization of a brain, formation of dominating motivations, neurochemical and molecular-biological bases of systemogenesis, developments of emotional stress and its psychoautonomic correlates, etc is carried out. The results of experimental, clinical and applied stydies executed on the basis of the theory of functional systems and creatively developing its basic postulates are shown in brief.

S. N. Basovich

Hypoxia in Genesis and Therapy of Mental Deviations: a Review

The purpose of this review is to trace the trends in studying and applying hypoxia in the field of mental problems. A literature review was conducted using the PubMed database, with a time-frame extending to October 2010. According to the neurodevelopmental model of mental disorders, abnormalities in brain development during pre and perinatal life lead to psychotic manifestation in adolescence or young adulthood. Studies show that hypoxia plays an important role in almost any risk factor related to brain development in early life: preclampsia, infection/inflammation, hypoxia/ischemia, preterm birth, and asphyxia at birth. The cited data show trends in using hypoxia, especially in the form of intermittent hypoxic training, for the treatment and prevention of mental disorders, and trends in using it for increasing mental capacity.

Karl Hecht

How Much Sense do Ecological/Medical Limit Values for Protecting Human Health from Environmental Harm Make?

Over the past 50 years, a rapid increase in chemical harmful agents (toxins) for the environment in air, soil, water, and food, as well as environmental pollution by noise and microwaves (electrosmog) has been noted worldwide. The limit values set for individual harmful agents to protect the public health in different countries are critically evaluated. The conclusion is reached that these limit values do not always offer the necessary protection of human health because industry and politics alike often follow the principle of putting economy before health. Therefore, realistic, scientifically based limit values ought to be strenuously pursued in order to achieve a protection against environmentally caused diseases.

O. Anisimov, O. Glazachev

Methodological Bases on the Development of Functional Systems Theory

Features of P. K. Anokhin «functional systems» theory basic terms — «system», «function» application, specificity of conceptual maintenances standing up for by terms are discussed in the paper. Essential distinction of concepts «structure» and the «system» is underlined, and the realized application of the latter can promote perfection of the modern physiological theory. The condition of system and functional characteristics of an organism and its components reveals, leaning on philosophical understanding of functionality that opens prospect of significant perfection of theoretical comprehension of the phenomena in medical practice and considerable corrections in medical education programs.


S. N. Glazachev, I. V. Wagner, M. P. Poleva

Theoretical Aspects of Ecological Culture Formation Space Modelling

The theoretical foundation of pedagogical modeling and design of educational space in a humanization of education, training and development, formation of ecological culture conditions is given.

João Pedro Martins da Silva, Roberto Huet de Salvo Souza, Janice Caetano

Environmental and Social License of Itaocara Hydroelectric Power Plant, Southeast of Brasil

In search of sustainability, companies develop programs for Social Responsibility (SR). Formerly forms of citizenship performed by companies, the SR programs are now largely focused on reducing social risks. On the example of Itaocara Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) it is shown in the paper the large initiatives that can change the economy of a region should be compelled to give priority to recruit local manpower needed for construction and operation of the venture. Training programs should be made to fit the needs of the project. Health care units and schools shall be supported to face the new demands. New economic use of the new lake shall be planned. These measures will avoid the exclusion of the less privileged in these great events. Keywords: social and environmental licensing, hydroelectric power plant affected communities.

Ikujiro Wakai

A Study on Improvement of the Quality of Life on the Basis of Interaction Between Nature and Human Beings, and Its Effect: Adoption of the Drinking of Tea as a Japanese Cultural Art

Tea, which had been drunk as part of the daily life of Japanese, began to be refined as a form of art in about the 15th century. This is what we now know as the art of the tea ceremony. It involves not only the manner of serving and drinking tea, but also has the effect of enriching the quality of life and purifying the spirit. In this study, I will discuss the improvement of the quality of life through the drinking of tea, and its effects.

J. M. Grishaeva

The Education for Sustainable Development: Theoretical Analysis

The article is dedicated to essential descriptions of sustainable development concept, exposed the foundations of education of sustainable development, presented analytics of correlation of notions «ecological education» and «education for sustainable development», and accented points of notion «ecological education for sustainable development». Key words: education for sustainable development, ecological education for sustainable development, ecological education, sustainable development.


Yu. Fh. Zuev

Two Aspects and the Hierarchical Approach in the Relativistic Solution of the Basic Question of Philosophy

In these article the author reconsiders traditional treatments of gnosiological and ontologic statements of basic question of philosophy (b. q. ph.) aspects , going from Plato, also proves its treatment on Aristotelian as the whole and the individual relation, gives new interpretation of these aspects, and formulates the hierarchical approach and the two-aspect relativistic solution of b. q. ph. It has allowed to unite its prior absolutist solutions in the uniform relativistic two-aspect solution. The author uses mathematical interpretation of the given approach and of the b. q. ph. solution.

I. A. Shamov

Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Ethics

Promptly taking root in our life including in medicine, nanotechnologies give rise to set of new biomedical problems. This phenomenon demands their urgent discussion and the decision.

Adrian Toader-Williams

Application of the «Triangular Eсo-Kinematics Theory» (Tekt) (Part I) — the Paradigm of Ecology, Public Health and Economy as a Synergistic Effect Upon Human Rights

The laws governing natural economic flow are recommended to be used as model for a sustainable anthropogenic economy. Life can\'t be monopolized. Biodiversity has a paramount importance to sustainable development. This article is intended to be the first in a series of applicative works based on the Triangular Eco-Kinematics Theory «TEKT» proposed here as foundation for global cooperation mechanisms. It is an urgent call for global anthropogenic economic reforms. Planet Earth can sustain a maximum population load if it\'s properly managed. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights needs to be revised. A Life Equivalent Etalon [LEE] as currency reference is proposed. Key words: natural rights, Life Equivalent Etalon, LEE, gold, energy, protein, organization equilibrium theory, monetary system, entropy, antientropy, negentropy, syntropy, UNESCO.