Cultural Premises for the Formation of Ecological Civilization

N. M. Mamedov

Institute of Globalization and Sustainable development, MSEU Academy, Moscow


The most important condition for the formation of ecological civilization is modification the content and target values of culture. Cultural policy should be determined by the tasks as follows: harmonization of social interactions and correlation between the society and environment; ecologization of science, techniques, economics and education. The concept «culture» has not only a sense of estimation, it is being used for reflection and taking in a wide space of phenomenon and processes to open the essence of human being, peculiarities of human\\\'s activity and way of life. It is appropriate to say that culture is an aggregate of various methods and results for the adaptation and organizing people\\\'s vital activity in certain environment. A mastery various experience in different forms is being transmitted from generation to generation determines the essence of culture. What basis the harmonization should be occurred on with the originality and universality, national and universal in culture, we can give an answer — on the basis of sustainable development values. The concept of the sustainable development in this case provides formation the world culture in accordance with the ideas of harmonization of human being\\\'s vital activity, social and socionatural correlation. Key words: human nature, civilization, historical process, ecological culture, culture of sustainable development.

Language: russian



N. M. Mamedov
Cultural Premises for the Formation of Ecological Civilization // Electronic periodical “Herald of the International Academy of Sciences. Russian Section”, 2012. #1